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To be closer to our customers by trying to create a virtual site that allows us and you to be constantly connected. A space where to communicate the innovations and the professional programming of ours and your work. So welcome to our web site where we will offer you the products that will be distributed, but mainly thanks to our technicians specializing in the various fields of expertise, we can provide you with technical and professional advice.

The company

Cieffe proposes it self as a ‘innovation factory’ for the customer who wants to bet on the innovations that the industry offers.
There are almost two thousand types of products that the company has available, strictly reserved for the professional of the catering, confectionery, pizzeria and bread-making industry. That is not found in retail trade, in supermarkets or hypermarkets. The products are selected by technicians and chosen all over the world, as to be included in the parterre of the catalog. Firstly they are tested in the laboratories by experts, just to allow customers to make an accurate choice according to their needs. Also because it is well-known that, in the gastronomic sector, for each kind of preparation it is necessary to have a very specific typology, in order to guarantee a just result in the processing.
This is undoubtedly the plus value that places Cieffe in a top position compared to other similar but not the same companies.

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CONSULTINGIn order for each product to be appreciated, Cieffe’s job is to provide the customer with a complete package, in which the training is absolutely free. A formula that allows the company to create strong relationships, but above all to convey all the information that can best understand the value of the choice made. Technical advice is entrusted to experts in the various fields of expertise. Anyone interested in pursuing business courses, with absolutely free formula, can contact Cieffe for their bookings.

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