Full package

Cieffe is also consulting and training

In order for each product to be appreciated, Cieffe’s job is to provide the customer with a complete package, in which the training is absolutely free. A formula that allows the company to create strong relationships, but above all to convey all the information as to better understand the value of the choice made.

Technical advice is managed by experts in the various areas of expertise. These courses are born to introduce new products to chefs, pizzas and bakery chefs, valued by the use of innovative ingredients. The goal is to create new types of preparations and presentations that make the difference in the world of catering. The raw materials are not changed but new preparations are added.

Discover the e-commerce dedicated to catering professionals.

About 2.000 types of products and exclusive benefits for members.

Anyone who is interested in following courses in the company, with absolutely free formula, can contact Cieffe for their bookings. The company will update from time to time the new courses that will be prepared and will give notice of the dates on which they will be held.